Where our goal is to provide an exceptional Chiropractic experience to each patient on each visit. At Brandt Chiropractic, we provide gentle Chiropractic treatments, as well as physiotherapy modalities when necessary, to patients of all ages.

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Stiff Neck Fibromyalgia - Bulged Disks Flu Symptoms - Joint swelling - Heartburn Acid Reflex - Stomach Trouble - Shoulder Pain Fever - Circulation Problems - Tennis Elbow Backaches - Rib Pain - Asthma - Cramps Chronic Fatigue - Bronchitis - Tingling Coughs & Congestion - Dizziness - Irritable Bowels Headaches - Arthritis - Ankle & Heel Pain Neuralgia & Neuritis - Wrist Pain - Knee Pain Depression - Insomnia - Glandular Problems Sore Throat - Child Illness - Jaw Pain - TMJ


Meet the Doctor

Dr. Jared Brandt D.C. is an Arizona Board certified Chiropractor and has been in practice in Arizona since December of 2006. Dr. Jared Brandt D.C. grew up on a wheat and barley farm in Eastern Washington State, a farm that my dad and brother still manage...


First Visit

Your first visit is designed to learn everything about your current health status. Not only are we interested in your present health problems, we are also concerned about your past health history and how it may be complicating your ability to be healthy...


What We Treat

Wish you felt good all the time? Millions of people worldwide are using chiropractic not only to get well but to stay well...



We listed here the questions we are asked most often. If you should have a question not answered here, please call our office at or email your question to Dr. Brandt...

Dr. Brandt’s Commitment to You is to Provide Exceptional Care For Whatever is Ailing You And Your Family Members.